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how are you enjoying the rigors of this level ?
Have you noticed any accelerated abilities, occurrences or esoteric events?
The question might be, " Are you trying to do the work ( forcing it mentally or physically ) or letting it flow from within" ? How hard is that ?

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Since I was initiated as a Teacher one thing that I can definitely see as a big diference for me is that I have much more energy available to do the work now than I had before. I've been studying occultism for many years, but it's the first time that I'm so active. It doesn't feel that I'm forcing it but that it's part of my daily living. And, yes, there are both an acceleration of the development of abilites as well as being aware of esoteric events. I think the esoteric events are always happening, but we are not present to realize them. As we do the exercises, rituals, channeling, cleaning the house, every part of our lives has a meaning and so the magic of everyday reveals iteself. I'm reading an awesome book by Dion Fortune - Aspect of Occultism, where she describe the "Modus Operandi" of evocative magic, the evocation of the Archagels, God and Godessess and what it does to the channeler. I would recommend it if you didn't read yet. Just a quote from her book: "One of the most important uses of cerimonial working lies in its power to energize any given aspect of our nature, and so bring about a profound change in character, doing in a brief hour's work what years of painful effort and self discipline might fail to achieve."
I agree whole-heartedly with Ana...Teacher's initiation has brought increased energy and ceremony has changed my life. Integrating ritual and ceremony into daily life was so natural, but the power and stability it has brought to the work is amazing. It really was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Laurie has stated many times that ceremony is critical to creating a functional and reliable channel...I support that statement one thousand percent! Once I created a daily morning and evening ritual that was comfortable and supported my healing and channeling work, everything flowed effortlessly. As far as accelerated abilities...well, I believe that the abilities were always there; only now they are grounded and able to be refined and utilized to their highest potential. And esoteric events??? Everyday is an esoteric event when you live fully from this space!
I've been a Teacher for 7+ years now. At first I only experienced the occasional flash of insight and inspiration. After about 2 years I gave up my 'day job' and entered into a life of full time service and commitment to being a conduit for the Intention of the Hierarchy to manifest it's penetration of all levels and aspects of reality. The result was a Quantum increase in the flow of Soulforce, Luminance, Comprehension, and Support. Within 3 years I was initiated as a Guide and the Adventure hasn't slowed down one iota.

It isn't about forcing the work, but rather to resonate with the intention at it's core and to dedicate yourself to becoming a better tool for it to express itself through. We are blessed with Tutelage, Patronage, and Protection when we commit to the Work.


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