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I wanted to let you all know that my Mentor, Spiritual "Mama", and Friend Shakmah Winddrum passed from this life on Friday November 26, 2010.  I offer my sympathy and silent support to her Family, her Initiates, and the interconnected community of lightworkers she estabilshed. 

When I teach programs I often tell Shakmah stories :)  Because of this many of you may feel that you "know" her, a few of you have met her.   I started this note as a tribute to Shakmah but it is hard to find adequate words to describe her vast presence and to tell you about what she has meant to me!  How do I speak of a person who changed my life, turned me around on the path, spanked my bottom (in a sense), and sternly delivered assignments that insured I would step forward and begin to “do my work”?  How do I talk about her understanding, strength, encouragement, and love.   How can I thank her and the New Seed Sanctuary team for their kindness and endless support?   How can I explain Shakmah's light, her presence, and her force?  How can I tell the story of how she inspired and directed me, saving me from the greatest mistake of my life?   

 I can’t explain the depths of what Shakmah means to me, there are no words that are adequate.  The only thing I can say is I honor Shakmah. 

 Shakmah, I am happy that you found release.  I know you enjoy your new form and estate. 

 I will miss you.  Grief is such an intense, raw emotion.   It is also a stinging, burning sensation in the heart chakra.  My heart burns.....

 I love you and I thank you for be-ing.   You will always live on through the work you have inspired and taught others to do. 

With Love

Laurie -  Lady Eleanor

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