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Jupiter's Blessings

Good Morning,

There is GOOD NEWS! JUPITER moved into GEMINI yesterday (6/12/12) where it will remain for about a year. Jupiter has not transited Gemini since 2001. Think back to that timeframe and understand that experiences and lessons from 2001 will manifest at a higher level in your present moment.

Globally, this is BIG NEWS. For each of us this energy brings potential for abundance, lightheartedness, and enhanced creativity. You will find yourself communicating very well. This…


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It Takes a Village

Greetings Everyone, and special Thanks to Diane "GG" Endicott for introducing me to this wonderful site - It's sweet to see so many special friends shining Light into the world.


It's traditional Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) right now, a continuous ceremony lasting ten days. It's official name is the "Days of Awe" (yamim noraim). It is a time of self and Gaia reflection, approach to others for whom in the past year one may have offended for any reason-intentional or not,…


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day of GRATITUDE I wish to offer "Thanks" to my family, friends, and the Mystery School Family around the world. Those who have been with the Mystery Schools for a while know how much this Holiday means to me.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated to acknowledge what we have manifested; to recognize our accomplishments, gifts, and abundance. This day is a time of grace, without prejudice to race, religion or belief.

On this… Continue

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Hello Everyone,

Today is THE day! The numerical code for today is: 11:11:11 - today's numerology marks culmination of the 11:11 Angelic Gateway.

We are being asked to do one simple thing.. PRAY. Hold the divine states of Love, Humility, Mercy, and Gratitude and ask for what we need through Prayer.

You know, I have made an effort to write a newsletter and a blog post about 11:11:11, but the words haven't arranged themselves on the computer screen in a way that… Continue

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Money Manifestation Exclusive 14 Day Online Instruction

We all presently live in a time of economic challenges. If you have not been directly affected by the present economic challenges then you know friends, family or clients that have been.

I have tools that are specific to the energy of money manifestation that work over a period of 14 days.

Why would it be important to me for you to make money? When you make money, we all make money. When you use these tools you will have additional money flow to your further studies in… Continue

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November 2009 Message for Anchors of Light

Samhain Message

Queen Nefertiti

Channeled By Melissa Navarro

This is an excerpt from the messages that came through during Samhain Ceremony October 31st. I am certain it is not new information, but I thought I would share it as a reminder of the importance of our roles as Light Anchors and Oracles in the times ahead. Blessings to All.

The times ahead bring great distress for many who seek clarity, seek guidance. The messages will be unclear,… Continue

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The Mystery School Curriculum Via Webinars!

Good Moring

Today is one of those delicious, golden fall days and the blessings of divinity feel tangible! I woke up feeling inspired to write to you to tell you about the programs we are offering as “Mystery School Webinars”. Personally speaking, I am bubbling with joy and “jazzed” beyond belief. Through Cisco Webinar technology we have found a way to reach the many who want to learn about the mysteries with quality programs, in a cost effective way. I am dedicated to evolving and… Continue

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Webinar Schedule:

Nov. 5, 2009 Webinar: Yule Lesson:

Nov. 5: 10 am -12 pm MST $111 or AWMP monthly fee

Webinar: Meditation Basics

Nov 5: 1 – 5 pm MST $50

Webinar: Year of Study - Month 1

Nov 5: 6 - 9 pm MST $111 or AWMP monthly fee

Nov. 6, 2009 Manfesting Miracles Webinar

Nov. 6 -10 am – 12 pm MST $144

Anchoring the Presence of Your Higher Self Webinar

Nov. 6 - 2 -4 pm MST… Continue

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When your Magick doesn't work, pt. 2

In part one of this blog I talked about the variables that many Practitioners work with in their attempts to achieve Magickal effects. These 'tried and true' methods have been handed down for centuries, in the Western & Eastern Traditions. They are based in observation and analysis of the original Practitioners successes and failures. They represent their understandings of the Archetypal forces operant in all types of Manifestation. However… Continue

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When your Magick doesn't work

I was having a conversation with a Seeker who told me that he couldn't understand how the Work has lasted so long with such undependable results from its applications. He informed me that whenever he performed Invocations and Evocations, he rarely experienced more than a 30% positive result. As I have reflected upon this,… Continue

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Metatron’s Monthly Message

Metatron’s Monthly Message

November 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are Intensity, Determination, Stimulation, Serendipity, The Hand of the Divine, Perception, Integration, Extremes, Fulfillment, Reliability, Enthusiasm, Devotion, Truth

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Light As November begins humankind prepares for the fulfillment of the promise of the 11:11:11 gateway. The Divine Creator… Continue

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