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Hello Everyone,

Today is THE day! The numerical code for today is: 11:11:11 - today's numerology marks culmination of the 11:11 Angelic Gateway.

We are being asked to do one simple thing.. PRAY. Hold the divine states of Love, Humility, Mercy, and Gratitude and ask for what we need through Prayer.

You know, I have made an effort to write a newsletter and a blog post about 11:11:11, but the words haven't arranged themselves on the computer screen in a way that made sense.

Finally, my inner voice spoke! It said, "Why don't you just talk about it?" Ah ha!!!! When writer's block stops me cold I can just talk to you! So, I have recorded a few of my thoughts concerning the 11:11:11 gate.

The 11:11:11 Angelic Gateway opened 11:11: (1991). In 1991 we marked the opening of this Gateway through a group ceremony in Sacramento California. This was literally the beginning of my service as a Ceremonialist and my role as a Spiritual Teacher. This Gate marked the beginning of my service with the light, and now here we are.

The Angelic Gateway reaches culmination tonight at 11:11 pm in all time zones, and will be followed by another New beginning called the Sanctification of Humankind.

The most important part is very simple, PRAYER and Gratitude.

I thank the Divine for each of you. I am so blessed, my heart is bursting with gratitude and love. Thank you!

With Joy and Grace

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