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Happy Thanksgiving

On this day of GRATITUDE I wish to offer "Thanks" to my family, friends, and the Mystery School Family around the world. Those who have been with the Mystery Schools for a while know how much this Holiday means to me.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated to acknowledge what we have manifested; to recognize our accomplishments, gifts, and abundance. This day is a time of grace, without prejudice to race, religion or belief.

On this day we focus on what is most important: Giving Thanks for the things we are blessed with in our lives, .. seen and unseen.

Gratitude is a divine quality, and it opens the windows of heaven.

I wish to express my thanks and deep gratitude to all of you for your presence in my life. I am grateful your light, your wisdom, your inspiration, and the service you have offered humankind this past year.

Thank you for your patronage. I am committed to offer you the "best" in spiritual teachings, guidance, and mentoring. My purpose is to support you in manifesting a life that is richer and more fulfilling.

As I look ahead to the Holiday Season and the New Year, I see new beginnings, hope, faith, and joy for all of us! May the Abundance of the Divine continue to manifest Prosperity in your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Laurie Gudnason,
The Spiritual Mystery Schools

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Comment by Jet Nesa Bland on October 6, 2011 at 12:22am

Dear Laurie

Even almost two years later, this was a timely and inspiring Message to read. No matter the situation, finding gratitude somewhere in it, if not all, counts. What a challenged year for me this has been, and yet your words ring true; I am grateful for everything that has happened. Thank you so much for reminding me how precious love and appreciation are.




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