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Good Morning,
There is GOOD NEWS! JUPITER moved into GEMINI yesterday (6/12/12) where it will remain for about a year. Jupiter has not transited Gemini since 2001. Think back to that timeframe and understand that experiences and lessons from 2001 will manifest at a higher level in your present moment.

Globally, this is BIG NEWS. For each of us this energy brings potential for abundance, lightheartedness, and enhanced creativity. You will find yourself communicating very well. This is the year to make the word JOY a priority. Use it often in your conversations over the next 11 years!

This shift brings tremendous flows of positive energy. Take a moment to tune in to the planet Jupiter and the Qabalistic Sphere of Chesed today. Ask your Guides and Angels to connect connect you with this energetic flow. Prepare yourself to really USE the energy. Take a moment and express love & gratitude, all that you can imagine will be yours.

All the Blessings of Light are yours!
With Joy

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