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Money Manifestation Exclusive 14 Day Online Instruction

We all presently live in a time of economic challenges. If you have not been directly affected by the present economic challenges then you know friends, family or clients that have been.

I have tools that are specific to the energy of money manifestation that work over a period of 14 days.

Why would it be important to me for you to make money? When you make money, we all make money. When you use these tools you will have additional money flow to your further studies in Light knowledge. When we work together to share these tools with your clients and others, their money flow will also increase as well as their ability to further their own studies. We will all reap the benefits both spiritually and financially of sharing these tools.

Therefore, it is time to share these money manifestation tools for the benefit of everyone.

Additionally and also key - I need to share and hand down these specific tools with others in order to increase my own ability to manifest. If I do not share these money manifestation tools now I will restrict my own manifestation ability. Money is a dynamic exchange between humans. We are energy and money is a representation of that energy.

These tools are solely designed to unify and balance your brain and personal energy field with money manifestation energy. In 14 days you will see a money manifestation flowing your way. I believe you will be excited by what manifests for you and therefore you will want to give back and share with others.

Everyone has his or her own connection to the energy flow of money manifestation. These tools will allow you to tap into the money manifestation flow that is specific to you. I am just sharing with you some of the proven tools.

The donation for online instruction is $77. Contact me through the Spiritual Mystery School Network website to register or to inquire about additional instruction options.



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