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November 2009 Message for Anchors of Light

Samhain Message

Queen Nefertiti

Channeled By Melissa Navarro

This is an excerpt from the messages that came through during Samhain Ceremony October 31st. I am certain it is not new information, but I thought I would share it as a reminder of the importance of our roles as Light Anchors and Oracles in the times ahead. Blessings to All.

The times ahead bring great distress for many who seek clarity, seek guidance. The messages will be unclear, uncertain to those seeking Enlightenment, Higher Purpose, Divinity. It is the role of Light Anchor, Holder, Light Worker- those who serve humanity- to guide those uncertain beings needing assistance and guidance. Great comfort shall be bestowed upon the unfortunate.

Be clear. Be in connection to your Truth. Understand your needs and desires. Do not dismiss them. Know your heart will guide you to your True wants. Guide others to see what clarity feels like. To know how Their Truth feels; how Divinity can assist them on their journey, experience, life and love. In your strength, they will find comfort. In your clarity they will find hope for new beginning. You have the answers many have been seeking. Your role as Oracle brings much Light, Much Light and healing. Share your Gifts. Share your Divinity and Divine Connection. Connect those who seek enlightenment to their divinity easily, effortlessly. Show them the way.

Inspire your Brothers and Sisters of Light to do the work. To hold the Light. To be strong and hold Light for those who have great weakness, great suffering and sorrow. Inspire your fellow Brothers, Sisters, Workers, Teachers, Guides to lay down fears, worries and attachments and bring through Divine guidance, healing, love, joy, abundance, security and stability.

The times ahead will weaken many hearts. There will be great sorrow, misunderstandings and distress regarding economic vitality and security. Teach to detach. Teach Detachment. Teach how to recognize the true needs of each individual. The true needs of the spirit, soul, heart do not lie within material needs, things and symbols. The true need is one of Love, Acceptance, Joy, Peace. ALL can be found in Oneself. The sadness will be overwhelming. To many to feel such sorrow is great burden. Recognize what is your sorrow. Where is the source of such pain? Recognize. Release. Give thanks for the lesson. Teach others to Pause. Reflect. Recognize what is their feeling. They will find it is disconnection with Truth, Self, Source. Disconnection. In their reconnection they will find Joy. You will bring Joy through connection.

The old ways have fallen. The old ways do not serve this New Beginning. In this year is completion, and a new begins. New Thought, New Understanding, New Vibration. Assist those in managing, flowing and balancing the new vibratory frequency coming to Earth during these times of completion. Assist with your Light. Assist Dear Ones. There is much work to be done. The healing is needed. The guidance is required. Release your fears. Release your inhibitions. There is much reward in your work. There is much reward, abundance and stability.

Meditate. Be certain of what You need, want, desire. In this clarity you will find great ability to manifest. Be present for your loved ones, for your community. Be present. Hold strength. Unwavering strength will be much appreciated for the coming times. The new energy patterning will be translated into stress, uncertainty. Stabilize the energy within yourselves, your community and surroundings. Stabilize; hold the energy and those around you will be comforted in this energetic cocoon.

Fight the desire to retreat into old habits, old patterns. Resist the desire to judge. Each path has been chosen. Each path teaches great lessons. Judgment is not for you to hold. Your purpose is to assist with Love, Light, Strength, Guidance. Love. Love.

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