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Today is one of those delicious, golden fall days and the blessings of divinity feel tangible! I woke up feeling inspired to write to you to tell you about the programs we are offering as “Mystery School Webinars”. Personally speaking, I am bubbling with joy and “jazzed” beyond belief. Through Cisco Webinar technology we have found a way to reach the many who want to learn about the mysteries with quality programs, in a cost effective way. I am dedicated to evolving and improving our programs and materials! Could you let us know what you think?

We have been working hard to manifest this, and Jerri and I consider our first two weeks of the Mystery School online successful! We have traversed the inevitable learning curve, we have had some fun, and we feel these first programs have been a great beginning toward fulfilling our goal of offering the basic Mystery School teachings to the global community at low cost, without travel.

In presenting these first programs we had some profound moments, healings, evolution, deep learning, and fun! Of course there have been issues with sound, manual snafus, and everything else that could go wrong with our new beginning!

We appreciate your feedback, whether good bad or indifferent, your opinion means a great deal to Jerri and I.

Here is how you would connect with us via Webinar: You may register by phone with Jerri at 866-570-7036 or at our online shop. Go to www.7thmystery-products.com and select the webinar you plan to attend or on-going program you are participating in. The secure website will escort you through setting up an account and will keep a record of the programs you have attended. After you have registered online, Jerri will set you up with the meeting number and password, and we will send you an email reminder a few hours before the webinar. On the day of the webinar go to https://mysteryschool.webex.com and click on the menu options to “Attend A Meeting” on the left hand side of the page. The current meeting will come up and you should click “join”. When you enter the meeting you will have an option to use your computer mike and speakers or to phone in. Please select computer mike and headset. A pop up window will open showing volume for mike and speakers. Click Mute on the Microphone. When you want to speak, unmute your microphone. That is all there is to it!

If you can’t attend at the time it is offered that isn’t a problem. You can “attend” at your convenience because the webinar, manual, and chat transcript link will be emailed to you when we finish the program. To find the webinars on 7th Mystery Products browse our featured items on the front page or click on Seminars (on the left hand side of the page). A Seminar Menu will open and you should select Webinars. You do NOT need an account on mysteryschool.webex, and you do not need to logon.

Many of the webinars we have scheduled throughout 2010 are free lectures about the Mystery School, DNA Activation, and Light Body. Other webinars are group sessions to support your ability to manifest or to anchor the presence of your higher self within your physical structure. The full schedule can be found online at wwww.thespiritualmysteryschool.com or consult the pdf schedule we have attached for you.

Webinars offer us a breakthrough so we may begin to offer regular monthly programs as part of our year long study of Qabalah, Advanced Qabalah Pathworking, Ceremonies of the Wheel of the Year, and Ancient Ways Modern Powers (AWMP) Apprenticeship Study.

For the first time Qabalah Introduction and Sephiroth Monthly Study Programs are available by Webinar. These Webinars are not a substitute for the Ascension Weekends. They are offered in support for those Ascending the Tree through the experience of deeper knowledge of each Sephiroth as they are living it! Another new program is Qabalah Pathworking online! If you would like to participate in the Qabalah Program but missed the Qabalah Introduction Online, you may listen to a recording of the Webinar at your convenience so you are prepared to join the Malkuth Study Program on November 4th. For those who have Ascended the Tree, Pathworking Keys 0 and 1 Webinar will be offered on November 4th. Call Jerri at 866-570-7036 for more information. We invite you to join us!

If you are participating in the AWMP program most of our recent webinars are included in your monthly fee. A few of these include Elemental Alchemy, The Sacred Altar, Introduction to AWMP Lecture, and A Year of Study Monthly Channeling Lessons. The Celtic Shamanic (Wicca) Study Guides including Sun and Moon Cycle Celebrations and Grimoire are included in AWMP Study or this program is available as a stand alone program. Remember, you can participate by listening to the lectures even if you cannot “attend”!

Please remember that Webinars offer THEORY only with meditations, the course manual, and basic lecture content that is traditionally offered in our seminar lectures! Webinars do not substitute for in person instruction, activations, and initiations. Our intent is to offer better preparation for Mystery School programs and to make the “In Person” training more efficient and structured.

Once again, Thank you!

With Joy
Laurie and Jerri

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