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I was having a conversation with a Seeker who told me that he couldn't understand how the Work has lasted so long with such undependable results from its applications. He informed me that whenever he performed Invocations and Evocations, he rarely experienced more than a 30% positive result. As I have reflected upon this, it shocks me how common this failure rate is. So I discussed methodology with him.

When I asked him to 'walk me through' his usual techniques for Invocation/Evocation, he started by discussing Magickal Hours (of the day or night), planetary alignment, season of the year, the strength of the Power Invoked, and his level of power in the moment. All these were variables he felt determined the outcome of his Working. No wonder his success rate was so low.

He left out the single most important determinant in the operation; Belief in the Outcome! He also neglected to mention the first aspect of all Magickal operations; Intention. These two factors are what makes the difference between success and failure. All the other aspects are merely 'bells and whistles.' If you don't proceed from a clear Intention and empower the Act with unshakable Belief, nothing is likely to happen.

These Principles are over-arching in all of our Operations as Magi. In actuality nothing comes into manifestation, albeit Magickal or Mundane without the instigating force of Intention. Intention will only manifest to the degree that it is placed within the Matrix of Belief. We can even create a formula to summarize this premise: In this formula I is the clarity of Intention, B is the level of Belief and the product M is the degree of Manifestation. The subtend of this formula is clarity(level)=degree. It is an undeviating principle and we can depend upon it to demonstrate itself in all of our Operations.

In my 10 week program, "The Circle of Power" I teach this Principle via the acronym; IBE. The following is an excerpt from Week 3's syllabus.

All of Ascension House’s students on the Magickal Path learn this axiom at the very beginning of their studies. THE FIRST PART OF ALL MAGICKAL ACTIONS IS INTENTION!

In truth the first part of every act is intention. Every time we decide to do something it is in order to make something happen. This is also true of all things that exist and are capable of action. Whether it is a single cell within our bodies, an entire galaxy, or even the Universe itself; purpose underlies every act. The outcome of every thing, including the reaction to any action, is preceded by purpose.

This is encapsulated in the acronym IBE. We write this as we say it; ‘I BE.’ This stands for Intention, Belief, Expectation. Or when we give directions to accomplish our outcomes (whatever they are) we say; intend, believe, expect.

Manifestation cannot be reduced to a simpler formula. Intend for an outcome to be made manifest. Believe that it will be made manifest. Expect it to be made manifest.

You may wonder, does this mean I don’t have to do anything to get what I want? The answer to that question is maybe. Wallace D. Wattles said it best in his book, “The Science of Getting Rich.” He said, “A person is a thinking centre and can originate thought. All the forms that a person fashions with his hands must first exist in his thought. He cannot shape a thing until he has thought that thing.”

He went on to say, “Every thought of form, held in thinking substance, causes the creation of the form, but always, or at least generally, along lines of growth and action already established. The thought of a house of a certain construction, if it were impressed upon formless substance, might not cause the instant formation of the house, but it would cause the turning of creative energies already working in trade and commerce into such channels as to result in the speedy building of the house. And if there were no existing channels through which the creative energy could work, then the house would be formed directly from primal substance, without waiting for the slow processes of the organic and inorganic world.”

Then Mr. Wattles said something crucial! He said, “There are very many people who, consciously or unconsciously, set the creative forces in action by the strength and persistence of their desires, but who remain poor because they do not provide for the reception of the thing they want when it comes. By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it.”

So, mentally we must operate the engine of manifestation by intending, believing, and expecting. Physically we must anchor these energies by acting. We will speak of the Spiritual component in a later lesson.

So when you examine the level of success or failure you are experiencing in your Magickal operations, you need to ask yourself the following questions; 'how clear is my Intention' and 'how much do I believe that this action will be fruitful?' If you are honest with yourself you will certainly see the correlation between the Intention, Belief (Expectation) and the level of manifestation.

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Comment by Jet Nesa Bland on October 6, 2011 at 12:11pm

Hi Al

Thank you for writing these words and reminding us of how our Work Works. I'd like to share a reading method with you that reflects your insights and directives on Intention. It's called PhotoReading and is used by private tutors like myself to assist students "get to the point" of their studies. I love synchronicity and thought of this as a secular application based on Magick knowledge. I hope you find it interesting. It is primarily the 1st of the 5 steps of which I speak but the whole system is based on that foundational and critical juncture of the mind: http://www.photoreading.com/howdoesitwork.asp

The following is the signature I attach to my personal emails that I thought you might like:


"Prayer is literally the heart going to the gym. It is where the physical (voice/thought) and the spiritual (intention/direction-focus) meet and empower the holy (that which is beyond and throughout Life)." - RB

"Energy Follows Thought and Creates Reality " - Anon. 

Blessings inLight and Love,
Comment by Jet Nesa Bland on October 9, 2011 at 9:31pm
Al, I thought when I wrote the previous comments that I was just sharing my opinions and associations with you. The day after I posted those thoughts I realized that my personal levels of intention were shallow and pale compared to what, hmm..., how does one say?...to what is without boundary. Reading your words later felt like a hand pulling a zipper, allowing me to literally "step out" of a concept of self, breathe fully, and take one more First Step back into the world. Namaste, Jet
Comment by Al Anderson on October 18, 2011 at 11:27pm

Blessings and Bliss Jet.  Thanks for your interest and supportive comments on my thesis.  It's very significant that you are interacting with a post I put up here almost 2 years ago.  I rarely check in on this ning, but tonight while in a "neutral" setting on my Psychic Gearshift I got the sense that there was a very potent resonant vibe emanating toward me.

When I looked at your second post, I was taken with the date of the post 10/09/2011.  This would have been my mother's 84th birthday.  She crossed over 7 years ago and has since become one of my guides.  So, although I received it a bit late I am considering your contact to be a birthday gift from her.  lol

I'm glad that you're feeling the importance of the power of Intention (brief homage to Wayne Dyer), it is truly one of the primary tools we have to activate our work.  However; it is only one of the tools we have to bring to the tasks of our Vocations as Magi.  I am even more impressed with and pleased to read that you have begun a perception of the transcendent powers of Alignment.

Your reference to "what is without boundary" is the obvious next consideration to make in our development and in analogy, it is like comparing a power drill to a manual drill when applied, yet the metaphor of a manual to power tool fails to reference VOLITION.  We often take our Free Will for granted.  It is our Free Will which is the formative component of Intention.

As a Hermeticist, I often find these illustrations of the Hermetic Principles illuminating the various aspects of my work.  Referencing the 7th. Principle; Gender we are taught to think in terms of the Generative Male Polarity interacting with the Formative Female Polarity.  This actively polarized process is the final aspect of Manifestation.  Moving 'backwards' from this final aspect; our Formative (Female) input, we confront the Generative (Male) aspect which is the power of "what is without boundary" flowing through us to be shaped by our Intention.

This is where the quincrux of Magickal Manifestation is hung upon Volition.  There are the requisites of the "True and Ultimate Source" which are both Infinite and Potential; allowing for all things to be brought into Manifestation and our lesser Volition; expressed through our Intention for outcome of the Magickal Process (reference the 6th Hermetic Principle, Causation) coming together to shape the Adytum which is clad by the Egregore.


Finally in contemplating these relationships, we mus ALWAYS regard the Volition of the True and Ultimate Source.  It is this Volition which mediates our outcomes in accord with our resonance to it. As we come into more congruent alignment with the specificity of its Intention (which our existence is a facet of) we see the manifestation of our intended outcomes being made real faster and faster. In fact, a perfect congruence will be invisible to us, although it has flowed through us, since we are then being the tool rather than the hand that wields it.

I hope that these musing are of interest and value to you.  If you would like to contact me directly please email me at; MasterPhaeron@Ascensionhouse.org and please visit my website Ascensionhouse.org.  I'd appreciate any input/comments you might wish to make or share about the website which is being redesigned.

Adaequatio intellectus nostri cum re,


al anderson

Fr. Phaeron

Comment by Michael on March 18, 2012 at 8:54am

Thanks Al, much appreciated and relevant for me just now! Hope all is well with you.


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